Design Innovation - Visual Communication & Sketching

Airport Cubes

I enrolled in a course called Visual Communication & Sketching during Fall 2021. Instructor Justin Rheinfrank taught us sketching techniques to effectively tell a story during the first half of the course. He later gave students a prompt to envision and create a futuristic product with branding in the environment of COVID-19. Below was my approach to the prompt which involved starting with mood boards, hero sketches, wireframes. The final product was an elevator pitch deck.

 Role: Individual
 Focus: Product Design
 Tools: Adobe Fresco, Figma, Canva
  Deliverables: Moodboards, Hero Sketches, Wireframes, Elevator Pitch Deck

Here are all of my class assignments from the project in one area. 

I decided to propose a product that would futurize how we could use in-airport or transit hotels. The idea would be to allow people to book a room for either over-night stays or just conferencing (such as a place to take zoom calls) on the go with push of a button on a phone. They could see how many availabilities there are near them and also find accomodations for different sized families or pets (allowing them to also give their animal relief during layovers). 

We were asked to create moodboards to first explore both the side of branding and how we would wish our potential product to look and feel. I created these on Figma combining images I found on Pinterest into one frame. I created three but two were the only ones that were finally implemented into the project, Neo-Tokyo which would be emphasized in branding, and a Rose and Wood feel which would be the interior design of the proposed product. 


I also had to create a rough sketch hero shot using the skills I had learned to do product sketching. 

I made UI mock-ups for Airport Cubes that were mid-fidelity to show the process of booking a room in an airport. It could help you book rooms based on your flight purchases and would be booked by time such as hours and mintues rather than a daily rate. 

Here was the final pitch deck I presented to my class!

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