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During the Spring 2021 semester I completed the course DESINV 25, a class that focused on User Experience Design. In this project we were randomly assigned a tool that was created before the pandemic and re-design it for those who used the product more due to pandemic. I was assigned to Zoom and interviewed new Zoom users about their experiences using the product.

Below is the submitted slide deck for the course.

 Role: Individual
 Focus: User Experience
 Tools: Figma, Miro
  Deliverables: Interview script and interview notes (for two people), a combined empathy map, needs statements, persona chart, before and after user flow, rough wireframe sketches (min. four), user testing script and insight notes (for two people),  low-fi wireframes and the final high-fi prototypes (five in total)

In order to learn more about the wide range of Zoom users, I created an Interview Guide that would help me in the process of talking to those affected with the transition from in-person to virtual

These were the interview insights for two people, one who was interning virtually and another whose job was to interact with children. I used the guide I created to ask them questions about their experiences and how they felt using virtual tools.

Here is a combined empathy map, “Sophie” in pink and “Arthur” in blue with their combined insights in purple. The top left quadrant has interview insights on what Sophie and Arthur explicitly told me in their interviews. The top right quadrant has interview insights on what their general thoughts in our conversations. The bottom right quadrant shares the feelings and emotions that Sophie and Arthur felt. The bottom left quadrant focuses on the actions that Sophie and Arthur do when interacting with zoom and their virtual work environment.

Here are some needs statements that I created after analyzing my interviews. I used a template to create my needs statement filling in the gaps with what I knew about the users I interacted with.

I created a persona chart based on the combined needs of my interviews but decided to focus more on student interactions with Zoom

Now that I learned more about my target audience I was ready to start my project.

I decided that the main focus of my project would be on helping Zoom hosts and participants set guidelines of lengths of meetings and prioritize mental health.

Thus I decided to implement a break feature into Zoom.

Here are two user flow charts that I created. The red indicates the participant journey and the blue represents the hosts while the gray shows generally shared features and actions.

The left shows the current user flow (simplified)
The right shares the break feature implemented into the current user flow.

Here are some rough wireframes I created while envisioning my implementation in action!

I asked my interviewees to come back for a test round. I shared my user flow and wireframes with them and discussed with them my vision. I asked them how they may interact with my features and gathered feedback.

Prototypes Oh My!

Low-Fi / Wireframe prototypes of my final project, created on Figma

The Final Submission! Five prototypes showcasing the new Zoom break feature with views for both participants and hosts. 

Take a look!

Participant Views: 

Setting an away / break notification

This screen shows what turning on the notification shows for participants (on the top left). It also begins to save a transcript of the dialogue picked up from speakers. If the meeting is recorded, it will send the snippet of the recording.

Host Views:

Here is what the away/break feature looks like for the host when a participant sets it.

The second feature I added was a remind feature which is basically an in-app timer that allows hosts to know if they’ve gone over their time limit or need to allow participants to take a quick break.

Here is the host setting up the timer.

And that was my final project for Design Innovation 25!
As final thoughts: If I was working on this project in my own time I would make more of an effort to interview more people (around 4-8) Zoom users in order to get more insights and create a well rounded persona to explore more possible features. I would also be able to get more insights and feedback from user testing. 

Overall I had a lot of fun doing this project. It was my first time doing a re-design for an existing company, especially one that I was using on a daily basis even for attending the class itself!

thank you for exploring my project!

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