Poppy’s Cafe


As a kid I had always loved marketing, making menus and stickers for mock brands and resturants I used to create. Poppy’s Cafe was inspired by the meals my father (who out of many nicknames was dubbed “Poppy”) used to make for me and my family lovingly after school and on weekends. While the orginal concept was made in 2020, when he started to intergrate homemade boba drinks into our lunches, (see the original logo at the bottom) I decided to re-brand Poppy’s Cafe to celebrate the new addition of healthy lunch and dinner bowls he has been creating and see how my graphic design training could be implemented into a “real” business.

 Role: Individual Project
 Timeline: 1 Week
 Focus: Marketing and Product Design
 Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimension,  Adobe Fresco, Figma, Canva
  Deliverables:  Branding guideline sheet of colors and fonts, a main logo and a side logo (for the menu), a sticker decal sheet that would be used for the website and for the products themselves, a website, a menu sheet that can be customizable, two mock instagram posts, and a loyalty punch card.

For Poppy’s Cafe we wanted to intergrate the colors of poppies as well as more muted peach and beige tones with playful floral look. A handwritten styled font was decided on for the main heading font as it gave a more chalk board look with an uppercase bold font as secondary to draw in the readers to more important aspects. 

Color Palette and Font List Branding Guidelines

Sticker Assets

Stickers could be used both on the website as fun design aspects but also to identify packaging contents. They could be cool free swag options as well to help with marketing. Bread graphic was from Canva Stock and Boba graphic was drawn on Adobe Fresco.

A mock website was constructed to highlight how people could learn more about the cafe, view virtual menus, and possibily order online. 

Instagram Posts for marketing.

Menus with potential items to be sold.

Loyalty Stamp Card, a fun idea I had made when I was much younger and wanted to re-design to fit with the newer branding. 

A Quick Render of Takeout Products using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimension 

The Original Logo made back in 2020

thank you for exploring this project!

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