Patient Safety Simulation

With UC Davis Health

 Role: UI/UX Design Intern 
 Timeline: Summer 2020 (June - August)
 Focus: User Experience & Virtual Spaces 

In 2020 I interned for UC Davis Health’s Center for Simulation and Education Enhancement. The COVID-19 Pandemic impacted medical students’ education that highly relied on in-person and interactive environments for learning. The Patient Safety Simulation’s aim is to help students preparing to be physicians learn how to quickly identify hazards and red flags inside a patient's room, such as infection risks and medical errors that can harm patients. The simulation was previously done in-person with 100 students at a time. However due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and the risk for infection transmission the simulation course needed to be rapidly turned into a virtual experience.

I worked with UC Davis Health physicians and staff to ideate possible course video and simulation ideas. We created a virtual walk through of the space that allowed students to zoom into and click objects and scenarios in the virtual hospital room. After students interact with the virtual space they complete an assignment where they list all of the space’s hazards. To assess students’ experience and collect feedback about the simulation we added an evaluation survey to compare their confidence in identifying patient safety hazards before and after the simulation. I additionally interviewed 10 students who completed the simulation to understand how they interacted with the virtual environment in order to learn how the flow of the course and video could be improved for future learners.

You can read more about this project published in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Journal linked here ︎︎︎

This is what the Virtual Patient Simulation course looks like now on Canvas. 

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