In Spring 2022 I was given the oppertunity to be a Project Mentor for Berkeley Innovation and help consultants on a project with Notability. I helped three consultants with organizing user research strategies, ideating, prototyping, and communicating with our clients from Notability. 

 Role: Project Mentor for three consultants part of Berkeley Innovation. Communicated with our clients from Notability, set up consulant and client meetings, presented weekly updates to clients, provided feedback and support for consultants. 
 Timeline: Spring 2022 Semester
 Focus: User Experience
 Tools: Figma, FigJam, Miro (and Adobe Fresco for Persona Illustrations that I made!)
  Deliverables: Interview Insights, Personas and Journey Maps, List of Recommendations

In November 2021, Notability switched from a one-time-purchase business model to a free app with the option of yearly premium subscription plan. Users who previously purchased the app were given a “legacy model” that retained the features of the one time purchase. 

Notability approached us with the following how might we: “How might we better understand different user groups and their pain points to increase the conversion of free and legacy users to Notability premium subscribers?” 

Our HCD Process involved: 

Secondary Research  ->  User Research  ->  Synthesis  ->  Ideation 

Our Secondary Research Process

Our User Research Process


Using a Card Sorting method to find important catgeories users prefered. 

Making an affinity map to synthesize our research. Our key takeaways were affordable pricing, getting a trial run of a premium subscription, and one time payment. 

you can find the full affinity map at

Our team created personas that fit our research and interview findings. We decided to create three personas that represented commonly found digital notetakers as well as underrepresented students, such as those who learning disabilities. 

We decided to go further into one of our personas, the aesthetic notetaker, and create a journey map that followed the user’s process with downloading Notability and other competitor apps and using them for free. 


Our deliverables were a wishlist of features that Notability would plan to implement in the future iterations of the app... 

... and some recommendations 

Final presented poster for our design showcase:

made with html/css, cargo, and some sparkle dust ✨

©️ Zahra Baxi 2023