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I enrolled in a bootcamp course at UC Berkeley that lasted only a week before Spring 2022. The course grouped together students from diverse backgrounds into teams of four to five. Our current CEO pitched an idea to help Gen Z learn how to become entrepreneurs by turning their passions and hobbies into a business. People could create or watch videos on how to turn certain passions, such as thrifting, into a profitable business from those their own age. I became the lead designer for our project and designed a working onboarding prototype for both learners and educators in less than one week while we built our startup and worked on pitching on the last day of our bootcamp.  

 Role: Lead Designer in a startup team of five. Had to work on making our product look at feel marketable for Gen-Z audiences 
 Timeline: 1 Week (Before Fall 2022 Semester) 
 Focus: Web Design, Marketing, & Interaction
 Tools: Figma and
  Deliverables: Working prototypes of pitched startup,  and currently building Beta verisons of our current deliverable, a launch website with introduction materials from our CEO, Jai. 

Here is a sneak peak on what we’ve been working on! All pages shown here are fully designed by me for our Beta launch. Offically launched website’s contents are subject to change. 

Our orginal onboarding page before launching our “getting ready for launch” site. 
The design of the website uses elements of glass morphism, a design trend, to appeal to Gen Z and give a feeling of transperancy. Gradient tones make the site feel softer and comforting. 3D illustration elements give the site a more playful feel while fitting with the dynamic of glass morphism’s dimensional effect. 

Log In Screen

Choose your adventure! A concept we hope to implement in the future to allow people to not just learn but to also teach on our platform. The goal is to allow a user to upload their own course without a designer or devloper formatting their materials. 

Update: Our wesbite is currently live for joining the waitlist. Launch is expected by the end of 2023. I run a design team that currently works on making our CEO’s dream course, about thrifting, into a reality. 

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