Jake & Co.


The idea of a lemonade shop came up this summer after sitting for my neighbor’s dog Jake. The family has a lemon tree in their backyard and they let me take home lemons during the summers I used to sit for them on vacation. We’ve always made lemonade each summer but usually made with concentrate or store bought lemons, never fresh from a backyard. This summer I randomly came up with the name Jake & Co. when sipping on fresh iced lemonade after coming home from taking care of Jake, and decided to work on some branding. 

 Role: Individual Project
 Timeline: 1-2 Days (Custom Brief Project)
 Focus: Marketing and Product Design
 Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimension,  Adobe Fresco, Figma. For images: Canva Stock, Unsplash, and Pexels.
  Deliverables:  Branding guideline sheet of colors and fonts, a main logo, some digital stickers that would be used for the website and for the products themselves, a website, mock instagram posts, and a tag/label for the product. 

Branding ideas, fonts colors and potential tag lines

Main Logo
Main Logo

Stickers and Assets. Illustrations are from Canva Stock

Website mock-up for product introductions and shopping

Instagram Promotional Materials from the first post introduction, in-person store opening, and summer sale.  

Label-Tag for jars with space to handwrite what type of lemonade is in the jar and from which batch to give a more “homey” feel

Label-Tag on a jar

made with html/css, cargo, and some sparkle dust ✨

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